Dragongale is a fast paced draconic MOBA experience. It provides fresh gameplay mechanics inspired by aerial combat games which have been adapted to the MOBA genre to create an inovative game.

  • A New MOBA Generation

    Dragongale is heavily inspired by brawl and aerial combat games. That's why Dragongale doesn't feature farming, mana or lanes. Instead the focus lies on sieging capture points and teamfighting.

  • Free To Play

    Dragongale is completly free to play and you start your journey with all characters unlocked. We made that decission because we want to provide a game that is fun and competitive to play for everyone .

  • Become The Very Best

    Dragongale provides in addition to the normal 4 vs 4 mode a ranked Duel mode. Players have a duel and normal rank. Dragongale doesn't use any RNG (Random Number Generator). Only your performance counts!

  • Fly Your Way

    Each dragon can be adapted with Augments. Augments can change your stats, give special effects or change the way your abilities work.

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